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Three Codes to Live  By:                                                

Happiness, Growth and Benefiting Others    


This series is an exploration of the Bodhisattva’s way of life. A Bodhisattva is our spiritual role model, someone who strives for enlightenment out of the wish to be of real benefit to others. By gradually learning to emulate the Bodhisattva our own life becomes more joyful and beneficial. In this series we will investigate the three codes that a Bodhisattva lives by, that create happiness, growth, and the ability to help others. It may sound like a tall order, but in fact these three codes are highly flexible and creative. They can be practiced at whatever level is appropriate for us and can be easily integrated into our busy city lives. We will look at the basis for understanding a Bodhisattva’s code; how an understanding of karma and compassion gives us the ability to profoundly change our lives.


Nov. 5th        Karma, Compassion, and Changing your Life 

Nov. 12th     The Code for the Best Way to Help Others                  
Nov. 19th     *Cancelled*

Nov. 26th     No Class – Happy Thanksgiving!


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