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Wednesday Evenings January 2015



The Solution to Everything: The Practice of Wisdom


Buddha taught that one of the main obstacles to our attaining the happiness we long for is that we misunderstand the very nature of our world. We are seeking happiness in a place where it cannot be found. Fortunately, there is a solution to this dilemma. Through developing an understanding that our mind is the arbiter of our world - that we can and do create the world we live in - we can come to see how it is possible to create an authentically positive experience of the world for ourselves and others. The teachings on wisdom show us how it is that we have the power of choice. We can create the happy life we long for.




Jan. 7th       Exposing the Source of all our Problems


Jan. 14th    Illusion Reality and Freedom


Jan. 21st    The Dreamlike Nature of Things


Jan. 28th    No Class



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