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 Empowering our Spiritual Growth: Love and the Five Forces                           

Buddha taught a special combination of practices known as the five forces. The five forces, which include motivation and purification, are five conditions that empower our spiritual practice, allowing us to integrate everything we do throughout the day into a focused training of the mind. In this course Jim will demonstrate how to apply the five forces to our training in the mind of love. Applying these methods in our daily life will help us to improve all of our relationships, past and present, and enable us to draw closer to the experience of universal love. In the final class we will also look how this training can help us at the time of death.


Oct. 1st         Wishing for Love – the force of motivation

Oct. 8th        Training in Love - the force of familiarity

Oct. 15th     The Joyful Heart of Love – the force of merit

Oct. 22nd     Removing Obstacles to Love – the force of purification

Oct. 29th      Vision of Love - the force of aspirational prayer

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