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Wednesday Evenings April 2015

Living Life with a Fully Engaged Heart


According to Buddha, love is not something we find or fall into. It is a powerful, heartfelt state of mind that we can gradually cultivate and improve. In this course we will learn a sequence of meditations that will take us ever deeper into experiencing the truly liberating and joyful nature of the mind of love. These step-by-step insightful and practical methods will help us to heal all our past relationships and make our present ones more meaningful and harmonious. Through applying these methods our love and appreciation for others will become more expansive and universal and we will discover within our own hearts a radiant source of positive energy, empowering us to live the best and most beneficial life we can.



April 1st      Living Life with a Fully Engaged Heart

April 8th      Removing the Sense of Disconnection with Others

April 15th   Connecting To the World through Compassion

April 22nd  Meditation on Taking and Giving

April 29th   Turning our Heart towards Enlightenment


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